Club Resources

Links to Tools for Lions Clubs

2021-2022 Club Excellence Award (signed by Governor & due August 31, 2022) Click here

2021-2022 District Governors Excellence Award and District Humanitarian Award (docx) [print, download, or”Make a Copy”]/ pdf

ONLINE Governor’s Excellence Award submission

2021-2022 Governor’s Service Award (docx) [print, download, or”Make a Copy”]/ (pdf)

Blueprint for a Stronger Club President’s Report form (docx) / (pdf)

100% Secretary Award Application  –  CLICK HERE [print, download, or”Make a Copy”]/ (pdf)

Zone Oral Report Form (docx) [print, download, or”Make a Copy”]/ [pdf]

Necrology Memorial form [print, download, or”Make a Copy”] (pdf)

Just Ask (pdf)

Club Officers Training (video links and online 13 OH2 manuals)

Resource pages for various Club Officers (LCI helpful links and e-books)

Ohio Plan (for attracting and retaining members) Click here

Lions Club Exit Interview CLICK HERE (pdf)CLICK HERE (docx)

Former Member Satisfaction Survey CLICK HERE (pdf) / CLICK HERE (docx)

New Member “O” Award Booklets CLICK HERE (booklet)

Compliance Links (scroll down to Legal Considerations and Procedures)

Club Public Relations Tools and Information Click here

Ohio Lions Public Relations and Marketing (in process)

Tutorial for setting up a Lions Club Facebook Page Click here

Revised Vision Clinic Referral Form (PDF) CLICK HERE

Revised Vision Clinic Referral Form (Word) CLICK HERE

General Club Resources CLICK HERE