Lions fight Diabetes   Diabetes Mission: Healthy Communities

Get your club involved with our district Diabetes Awareness Week.  Some dates to watch for are:

  1. World Diabetes Day = November 14th
  2. District Strides Walk for Diabetes = May 2023

For ideas to participate, check out the information in the district newsletters.  Maybe your club is ambitious enough to create a public display, like a field of pinwheels or on a local sign?  Volunteer with the Red Cross, pass out diabetes flyers, share online surveys, or set up a health screening. EVERY club can participate!  

Check out this video from our District Diabetes chairmen for great information.

District Poinsettia Sale is here

November begins our district poinsettia sale! Participating clubs can schedule to pick up orders in Ashland, in Fostoria, or directly at Pinehaven Greenhouse in Avon. 

You can modify the sales form to add profit for your club. 

Please check out the attached forms for more information.

Guiding Lions

This is an ALL CALL!  District OH2 needs GUIDING LIONS! 

See Lion Ann Miller for information on how to certify as a Guiding Lion. This certification is highly recommended for all Zone Chairpersons and Region Chairpersons, even if you do not intend to mentor a new club. The information covered is useful in zone leadership.

Click on the tab at the top of the page or this section title for the necessary resources.  OH2 is working to host a training session and certify new Guiding Lions this coming year.  Watch the newsletter for more information!


New Member Orientation Program 

Work with new members to keep them engaged!! Have them complete the Ten Rounds of the “O” Award Program and meet the eligibility requirements outlined at this booklet, then they can apply for the Multiple District 13 Orientation Award.  

CLICK HERE for a printable pdf booklet form.

Service Resources

Check out these links:


My Lion Resources

Welcome to MyLion – our online activities site!  Click to page for more information and resources