Guiding Lions

It is no longer a requirement to have served as club president in order to serve as a Guiding Lion. 

The Guiding Lion Program is recommended as a foundation to anyone who will work with new or existing clubs or serves (or plans to serve) in a leadership or mentoring position in your club or beyond. 

Upon completion of the workbook (link here) and signatures of the Leadership Team and District Governor, you can officially become a Certified Guiding Lion for your zone.


Necessary Materials to complete workbook

Contact Lion Ann Miller (see directory) if you are interested in completing the Guiding Lion Training.

The Guiding Lion Program is designed to assist clubs that are newly chartered, established or determined as priority designation. Certified Guiding Lions are assigned for a two-year term by the district governor in consultation with the sponsoring or established club president.

Guiding Lions assist a newly chartered club to:

  •  Be successful in its first two years of operation
  •  Orient and train club officers and members
  •  Motivate and support club growth and development
  •  Locate resources available to assist the club

In established Lions Clubs in need of mentoring, a Guiding Lion assists club in areas of: rebuilding, recruiting new members, training officers and providing meaningful community service.

Guiding Lions are encouraged to complete the Certified Guiding Lion Course to improve their skills in club support. The course is designed to be completed individually or facilitated by an instructor. All Certified Guiding Lions are required to take the course every three years.